1. Super Conforming Vs High Balance – Understanding This Loan Type

    When it comes to picking out the right mortgage for your needs, it can feel like the options are overwhelming and numerous. The good news is that with Mortgage Base, you never have to feel uncertain of what loan will best fit your needs. Our expert team is here to assist you in choosing the perfect mortgage to match exactly what you are looking for and to ensure you can finance your next purchase.…Read More

  2. Picking the Right Rental Property

    You’re looking for an investment property, but as a smart, savvy investor, you know that the right property will earn you the most returns. So you’re scouring the market for the best residences available. But which property is the best? What should you prioritize when weighing your options? Well, here are a few considerations to take into perspective: Location Counts Schools: Search for proper…Read More

  3. Tips for Purchasing an Investment Rental Property

    With housing prices rising alongside rental prices, now’s the perfect time to capture your portion of the market by investing in property. Capitalize on short-term income as well as long-term ROI (in the form of equity). Let’s break down some of the benefits of jumping into the rental property market. Long-Term ROI Investing in property isn’t guaranteed to bring you huge returns. After all, …Read More

  4. Jumbo Loan Myths

    Jumbo loans may seem intimidating to those who haven’t been introduced to the concept. After all, jumbo and super jumbo loans sound massive. In truth, however, jumbo and super jumbo loans are beginning to become the norm in the home loan market. Why? Well, in short, the median home price is on the rise throughout most of the country (In fact, according to city-data.com, there are hundreds of cit…Read More

  5. HELOC Vs. Traditional Mortgages Vs. Personal Loans

    If you need to borrow money, it’s best to “shop around” and find the best source to borrow from. Why? Well, if you borrow from the right source, you can save loads of cash over the lifetime of the loan. In addition, it’s important that you’re borrowing the right way. Some loaned money can only be spent in specific ways. It’s a confusing, complex world of borrowing. That’s why we’re…Read More

  6. What Is an Interest-Only, 10-Year ARM?

    Here at MortgageBase, we specialize in providing a variety of jumbo and super jumbo loans, including our interest only loans. One of our most popular home loan products is our interest-only, 10-year adjustable rate jumbo mortgage. Let’s talk about how our interest-only, 10-year ARM jumbo mortgages work, and why they’re a common choice for our clients. The Basics The interest-only, 10-year adju…Read More

  7. The Best Features of an Interest Only Jumbo Mortgage

    Here at MortgageBase, we’re proud to offer competitive mortgage products with great rates, including our interest only jumbo and super jumbo mortgages. Like all of our home loans, these loan options are designed to connect you with the house of your dreams - yet our interest only jumbo and super jumbo loans are unique in that they provide huge buying power, while also offering you the financial …Read More

  8. Should You Sell With a Realtor or FSBO?

    Selling a home isn’t easy. It can take time; it can be stressful; it involves cooperation from multiple parties (e.g. realtors, a mortgage lender, a title company, an inspector, and of course, the seller and the buyer). Here at MortgageBase, we understand the complexity behind home sales. That’s why we strive to put homebuying power in your hands with our jumbo and super jumbo loans. And that…Read More

  9. How to Make Good Credit a Good Habit

    You’re about to buy your dream home. You’ve stacked up a bit of money in your savings account. You’ve held a steady job with good income. It’s time to get approved for a mortgage. Then, just as things finally seem to be falling into place, your mortgage lender can’t approve your home loan. Your credit score is too poor. It happens. We understand. Here at MortgageBase, we strive to provid…Read More

  10. What Is Loan To Value & Why Does It Matter?

    If you’re seeking a jumbo home loan (be it an interest only super jumbo mortgage loan, a 15-year fixed jumbo loan, or a fixed term jumbo ARM), the loan to value ratio on your investment counts. Banks and lenders take a keen look at the loan to value (or LTV) of a home loan to determine whether a specific loan product is a viable product to offer to a borrower. Lenders have to ask themselves, “…Read More