mort3Here at MortgageBase, we’re ecstatic to be your source for premium mortgage packages, ranging from interest only jumbo and super jumbo mortgages to fixed rate loans. That’s how we connect people to the homes of their desires, and it’s how we provide financial freedom to folks buying a home. In effect, we’re here to connect you with your dreams. You want the dream home, and we have the tools to get you there. But what does that mean for you? What is the dream home? Let’s take a moment to answer that question with you in this article and upcoming blogs in this thread. Let’s delve into the specific characteristics that you’re looking for in your dream home. Here’s a list of considerations:

  • Landscape & Property

Landscaping may just top your priority list. If your home just wouldn’t be complete without bay windows overlooking an ocean view, well, that’s going to narrow down your property search. If you’re looking to house a few horses, you’ll need to find a property with plenty of acreage to do so. If you’re looking to build a vineyard, you’ll need plenty of sun, plenty of water, and enough of the right soil to get started. When it comes to identifying your dream home, it may come down to the property upon which your home is situated. Often, property is more valuable than the home that’s situated on the site; if you’re looking at the property itself instead of the home on-site, that speaks to the values and priorities you place in finding your dream home.

  • Home Amenities

If a property’s landscape isn’t your main draw, it may be the amenities around the house. Perhaps you’re looking for a home with a guest house and a pool. Maybe you’re looking for a home with a jacuzzi and a sauna. Or maybe your priority lies in finding a home with plenty of garage space to work on your hot rod. Regardless of your passions and pastimes, finding the ultimate home may come down to finding a house with all the right amenities.

  • mort4Location

Realtors swear that location sells, and that may be true. Think about it, there’s a reason that you’re looking for homes in the location(s) that you’ve chosen. Perhaps you’d like to be close to the mountains for winter skiing and summer hiking. Or perhaps you’re looking to live near your roots and your family. Maybe you’re addicted to the nightlife provided by the city scene. At the end of the day, when you start to scour the housing market, location may be your main priority.

Now, these are only a few possible priorities to consider on your home search. We’ll continue our blog feed soon with further priorities to keep in mind. As always, once you’ve found your ideal home, you can count on MortgageBase for our unique, premium mortgage products. We specialize in providing jumbo and super jumbo loans, including interest only loans, fixed interest loans, ARMs, and much more!