Selling a home isn’t easy. It can take time; it can be stressful; it involves cooperation from multiple parties (e.g. realtors, a mortgage lender, a title company, an inspector, and of course, the seller and the buyer). Here at MortgageBase, we understand the complexity behind home sales. That’s why we strive to put homebuying power in your hands with our jumbo and super jumbo loans. And that’s why we provide information surrounding the world of homebuying. Today, we’re taking some time to ask the question: Should you sell your home with a realtor, or should you sell it yourself? Let’s dissect the benefits of selling as for-sale-by-owner (FSBO), and the benefits of utilizing a realtor:

The Benefits of Selling FSBO

Most of the time, folks opt to sell their homes as for-sale-by-owner properties simply because it saves money. But there are a few more factors that may persuade you to go FSBO. Let’s take a look at all of those factors:

No Agent Fees

Real estate agents charge a fee to sell your home. If you have the time and patience, you could save some major money by selling your home yourself. It’s not the easiest process, but it’s probably the most fiscally sound option. Realtors typically charge about 5 or 6 percent of the closing cost of a home as their fee. That can be tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket. If, for instance, you’re putting a 350,000 dollar home on the market through a realtor, you may have to shell out 17,500 dollars upon closing (that’s 5 percent of 350,000 dollars). Avoiding agent fees may be enough of a reason to go FSBO.

Have Low Equity?

If your home has low equity, a realtor fee can be especially impactful. Equity is the market value of a property minus the loan value held against the property. So, let’s take an example; the very same as the one mentioned above… You’ve bought a home that’s currently valued at 350,000 dollars. You’ve put down 15,000 dollars in the down payment and a few mortgage payments that you’ve made. You have 335,000 dollars remaining on your home loan. Your equity is, thus, 15,000 dollars. Now, if you utilize an agent to sell your home, and they charge 17,500 dollars as mentioned before, you’ll have lost money in your home investment. If you sell your home yourself, you’ll walk away with most of that 15,000 dollar equity. Low equity could mean a loss for home sellers who rely on a realtor.

Face to Face Negotiating

Some sellers simply prefer to negotiate with home buyers face to face. If you’re outgoing and talented at negotiating, you may be able to sell your home with ease. If, on the other hand, you’re introverted and inexperienced at performing negotiations, stick with a realtor.

Sell on Your Time

If you have plenty of time to sell your home, why not go FSBO? You can take your time, prepare your home for the market, put in the research, make home improvements, and boost your curb appeal; then, when you’re ready to sell, you can jump into the market.

When Your House Sells Itself

Do you have a home that’s in high demand? If you don’t have any need to generate demand to sell your home, you can simply put your home on the market and wait for buyers to come knocking. Homes have sold in the past with just a sign in the yard. If you think that your home will sell with ease, hiring a realtor may be superfluous.

MLS Is an Option

MLSs, or multiple listing services, provide an easy to use online advertising outlet that connects home buyers with home sellers. It’s one of the most effective forms of advertising available. And fortunately, MLSs aren’t limited to just realtor use. FSBO sellers can utilize MLS listings for a fee. List your house online, and experience unmatched exposure.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Realtor

Now let’s switch gears. What are the benefits of selling your home through a real estate agent?


If you’re working with a deadline, you may need to hire a realtor to expedite the home sale process. Realtors are empowered with the tools, experience, and connections necessary to optimize the home selling process. So, if you’re looking to sell your home to move to a state over to take that new job you’ve earned, you’ll want to utilize a real estate agent to get your home on, and off, the market as soon as possible.


Realtor experience helps homes sell. It takes some of the stress out of the home selling process. It ensures that each stage of selling is performed properly. From advertising to close, real estate agents rely on their experience to help home sellers connect with home buyers. That’s the value of realtor services.


As we mentioned, selling a home is a multi-phase process. It can be taxing to keep to a schedule, attain all the necessary documents, and connect with the right people. Real estate agents provide the whole package. They’ll keep you up to date on the next steps in the process. They’ll collect documentation that’s needed to close on your home. They’ll ensure that your negotiations and closing procedures are above board.

Generating Demand

Sometimes it can be especially difficult to generate demand for a home. If, for instance, a home is located in a rural area, it can be difficult to get people to take notice. Realtors have access to a litany of advertising routes, and they know how to effectively advertise a home to suit the current market and demand. Best of all, realtors can bring interested home buyers straight to your home. When selling a home as FSBO, it’s far more difficult to tap into a market of buyers.


Your realtor can negotiate on your behalf, and they’re trained to do so. Real estate agents can serve as a moderator between a home seller and a home buyer. So, when it comes down to closing time, your likelihood of coming to a compromise may be a bit higher. In addition, you can utilize your realtor to ensure that you get the price that you’re looking for. Your real estate agent will keep your best interests in mind.


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