A High Balance Mortgage Loan is a loan that exceeds the current 2018 Fannie Mae single family loan limit of $453,100 for the lower 48 states.  These were created to address high-cost areas around the country and can go as high as $679,650 for a single family home or condominium depending on the county.

High Balance mortgage rates can actually be lower than both conforming and jumbo rates!  Request a quote and we will research your county limit for you and let you know what we can offer.

Following are general High Balance mortgage ranges for 2018 (Alaska & Hawaii have higher limits):

Minimum Loan Amount Maximum Loan Amount*
Single Family/Condo >$453,100 $679,650
2 Unit Properties >$580,150 $870,225
3 Unit Properties >$701,250 $1,051,875
4 Unit Properties >$871,450 $1,307,175

* Actual maximum loan limits are set per county or equivalent area and may be lower than the maximum above. 

Loan amounts exceeding the high balance limits per county will need a jumbo mortgage.  Give us a call for further information!

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