A Super Conforming Mortgage Loan is a loan that exceeds the Freddie Mac single family loan limit of $453,100 for 2018 set for the majority of the lower 48 states.  These were created to address high-cost areas around the country and can go as high as $679,650 for a single family home or condominium depending on the area.

The good news is that these super conforming mortgage rates can actually be a little lower than both conforming and jumbo rates!  Request a quote and we will research your county limit for you.

Following are general Super Conforming ranges for 2018 (Alaska & Hawaii have higher limits):

Minimum Loan Amount Maximum Loan Amount*
Single Family/Condo >$453,100 $679,650
2 Unit Properties >$580,150 $870,225
3 Unit Properties >$701,250 $1,051,875
4 Unit Properties >$871,450 $1,307,175

* Actual maximum loan limits are set per county or equivalent area and may be lower than the maximum above.  Check here for your county limit.

For loan amounts that exceed the super conforming loan limit in your high cost area you will need a jumbo loan.  Give us a call to discuss!  877-791-6990

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